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Dubbelklik op de afbeelding voor groot formaat




Uitgever:SAN ROCCO

  • Paperback
  • Engels
  • 11 mrt. 2011

This issue contains the following contributions:

Two deserted islands, Mark Lee
Letter from Hawaii: A selection of excerpts by Mark Twain, Yellowoffice
A pacific solution, Lorenzo Pezzani
Growing an island : Okinotori, Dirk de Meyer
The multiplicity of Al-Mansur's Baghdad, Martino Tattara
Navigational maps of sticks and shells, Gae Aulenti
Bikini, Francesco Librizzi
Certain tropical feedback, Troy Conrad Therrien
Prologue/Epilogue, Charles Avery
Islands of Memory, Davide Rapp
Beach-Umbrella readings : The Isola Ferdinandea, Matteo Norzi
Between artifice and nature, Tetsuo Kondo Architects
Drawing the perimeter, Kersten Geers and Stefano Graziani
1.100 PalmTrees, Ido Avissar
After Cornaro, Salottobuono & Baukuh
Pin-Ups, racetracks and baby elephants, or how to develop an artificial island strategy, Eduard Sancho Pou
The island of the man with the golden gun, 2A+P/A
Contexts in expansion: on vessels and spaceships as objects and networks, Pietro Pezzani
Islands within islands, Elisa Ferrato
Islands of light and steel, Joana Rafael & Alessandro Sambini
The prison island and the state of nature (first notes), Lieven De Cauter & Desertmed
Arcipelago cities, Point supreme architects
An interview with Andrea Zittel, Andrea Balestrero
The gravitational pull of the mainland:
Three stories about the potential for autonomy of coastal islands,
Valter Scelsi
Embassies : an architecture of exception, Marco Ferrari

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