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Log 24. Winter/Spring 2012

Dubbelklik op de afbeelding voor groot formaat


Log 24

Winter/Spring 2012

Uitgever:Anyone Corporation

ISBN: 978-09836491-2-0

  • Paperback
  • Engels
  • 152 pagina's
  • 15 mrt. 2012

The critically-themed edition of the journal delves especially into the history, criticism and repercussions of the Metabolist Movement, with articles by several authors that deal directly with various aspects of the topic, as well as the figures involved. Ioanna Angelidou, for instance, writes about correspondence with Hajime Yatsuka, and Ken Tadashi Oshima contributes ‘Metabolist Trajectories’. Also included are an interview with Preston Scott Cohen, architect of a recently completed new wing at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, and reviews of Herzog & de Meuron’s CaixaForum in Madrid and Zaha Hadid’s MAXXI in Rome.

Log 24 is a compilation of architecture criticism that exemplifies the range of criticism today. Encountering buildings, exhibitions, films, and books, twenty authors disentangle the challenges and problems the work poses to the critic and the architect, as well as render an incisive portrait of contemporary architecture.


Ioanna Angelidou, Metabolism and After: A Correspondence with Hajime Yatsuka
Craig Buckley, Never Demolish: Bois-le-Prêtre Regrows in Paris
Evan Chakroff, Recasting History: The Ningbo Historic Museum
Tom Daniell, The Return of the Repressed
Tina Di Carlo, Postmodern Modernism
Luis Fernández-Galiano, Just what is it that makes Herzog & de Meuron’s CaixaForum so different, so appealing?
Todd Gannon, Of Raspberries, Rawhide, and Rhetoric
Palmyra Geraki, A Building’s Building: The New Acropolis Museum
Charles Jencks, Contextual Counterpoint in Architecture
Jeffrey Kipnis, Location Location Location – or, for whom they built holes
Sylvia Lavin, Tenderness
Michael Lindgren, Dwight Macdonald and the Idea of Cultural Criticism
Gabrielle Mastrigli, The Theater of the City: The Museum of XXIst Century Arts
John McMorrough, MOS Movies, or the Phantasmagoria of Discipline
Ken Tadashi Oshima, Metabolist Trajectories
Gerhard Richter, Study for Glass Wall (recto and verso)
Ingeborg M. Rocker, On Distortions: An Interview with Preston Scott Cohen
Daniel Sherer, The Historicity of the Modern
Anthony Vidler, Up Against the Wall: Colin Rowe at La Tourette
Plus: On Colbert . . . On connections . . . On the factory . . . On weaving . . .

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