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El Croquis 30, 49/50, 72[II], 100/101 Enric Miralles (1983-2000) | 9788488386229

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El Croquis 30, 49/50, 72[II], 100/101 Enric Miralles (1983-2000)

Uitgever:El Croquis

ISBN: 978-84-8838-622-9

  • Hardcover
  • Engels, Spaans
  • 698 pagina's
  • 1 jan. 2004

The final hardback edition on the complete work of Enric Miralles, containing all the issues previously published on him and his associates. 30 + 49/50: Miralles/Pinos 1983-1990 / Enric Miralles 1990-1994 72 II: Enric Miralles 1990-1994

A must-have massive volume (more than 700 pages) comprissing Miralles' complete works (since he died in 2000). As in all El Croquis books you'll find a delightful presentation, and all works (more than 30-40 on this book) are deeply commented with photos, sections, elevations, plans, text... and interviews and articles by Alejandro Zaera (Foreign Office Arch.), Josep Quetglas (Catalonian urbanist), William Curtis... and Miralles' comments on his own work: pure poetry.


Editorial Headquarters Building
Eurhythmics Sports Center
Sports Center in Huesca
Airport control tower in Alicante
Industrial bridge for Camy-Nestlé
University classroom building in Valencia
Enlargement of Royal Museum in Copenhagen
Modern Art Museum in Zaragoza
Rosenmuseum extensions in Steinfurth
Modern Art Museum in Helsinki
Geriatric hospital in Palamós
New entrance to Takaoka Station
Meditation pavilion in Unazuki
Auditorium in Copenhaguen
Church and parish centre in Rome
Extension to Seele glass factory
New centre in Bremerhaven Port

Small wooden houses in Germany
Public park and games library, Mollet

Concept for a car showroom
Renovations to Santa Caterina Market
Renovations to an apartment in calle Mercaders
Renovations to a house in La Clota
Pier in Thessalonica
Renovations to Utrecht Town Hall
Venice School of Architecture
Damge House
Chemnitz Sports Stadium
Leipzig Sports Hall
University Laboratories in Dresden
Kolonihaven [Small wooden house]
Fontanals Club Golf House
Extension of the Cemetery of San Michele in Isola
Parliament of Edimburgh
Palafolls Public Library
Maretas Museum in Lanzarote

Diagonal Mar park
Santa Rosa Park in Mollet
Japan National Library
Six dwellings in Borneo Eiland
Dancing School for the Laban Centre
Hamburg Music School
Vigo University Campus
Salerno Court of Justice
New Head Office for Natural Gas Utility
Moore Farm

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