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The texts on this site can be used freely, but you should include an acknowledgment (Website NAi Boekverkopers / Booksellers), preferably with a link back to the website. Hyperlinks should lead visitors directly to the context in which NAI Boekverkopers / Booksellers provides the content.


The website uses images where in most cases NAi Boekverkopers / Booksellers is owner of the rights: pictures of interior of the store at the NAI, or made on site and photographs commissioned by NAi Boekverkopers / Booksellers. In those cases, you can use the images for free on any website or publication, but you should include an acknowledgment as stated in the caption.

There are exceptions, such as the illustrated covers and additional images of the products. Not all images shown, NAi Boekverkopers / Booksellers is the owner of the rights, in which case permission must be requested from the manufacturer / publisher of the product.