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Peter Märkli. In Search of a Language

Giorgio Azzariti

€ 53.00


J.J.P. Oud

€ 40.00


Svava Riesto, Henriette Steiner, Kris Pint, Klaske Havik

€ 19.95

denken, doen, laten

Marieke Berkers, Tijs van den Boomen, Hans van der Meer, Siebe Zwart

€ 29.50

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The Masterplan. A Novel

Reinier de Graaf

€ 19.90

OASE 107. The Drawing in Landscape Design and Urbanism

Bart Decroos, Kornelia Dimitrova, Bruno Notteboom, Frits Palmboom

€ 22.95

OASE 108. Ups & Downs

Justin Agyin, Jantje Engels, David Peleman, Christophe Van Gerrewey (eds.)

€ 22.95

See All This #20

Catherine de Zegher (ed.)

€ 19.95

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 Dutch Design Stories in prijs verlaagd


Through the Premsela Design Stories, Premsela [formerly known as the Dutch institute for design and fashion] and NAi010 publishers tell stories of the Dutch design history. In these stories an iconic object is used to charactarize an important period or development in the designfield. A very neat overview of Dutch design in pocket format for a very attractive price!

>>Find the collection here.

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